Da-Mboa Obenga


Da-Mboa Obenga graduated in Computer Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal (Canada). From the start of his professional career, he assumes the role of Project Manager. Through his various experiences, he carried out his activities in many digital fields for nearly 20 years. From technical architecture to project management, including advice to CIOs (Information System Departments). Specifically on digital transformation projects of multinationals based in Europe and Africa. This, by supporting them in particular in the implementation of fully automated digital services.

Its activities have focused on the transformation strategy of digital services, on their design and planning, as well as on their implementation.

Fluent in four languages (Lingala, Kituba, French and English) and passionate about history, Da-Mboa has participated in cultural initiatives promoting the Science, Culture and History of Africa. This, through scientific contributions in collective works [Obenga, D. (2014). Information technologies, conservation and promotion of old manuscripts. In Sy, J.H. (dir.), Africa, cradle of writing and its manuscripts in danger – Volume 2. Paris: Harmattan; Dakar: Aid Transparency.] And participation in conferences (Safeguarding and Preserving Ancient African Manuscripts (Aid Transparency) – December 17 to 19, 2010 in Addis Ababa | Regional Conference on the educational use of the General History of Africa in African schools (UNESCO) – June 10 to 17, 2010 in Tripoli).

For the benefit of his experience, Da-Mboa Obenga will use his expertise to address the issues facing Africa, particularly in the field of Science, Technology and Endogenous knowledge.