Hichem Sebai


I am a Doctor of the University of Carthage and Professor of Higher Education in Animal Biology and Physiology at the Higher Institute of Biotechnology of Beja-ISBB (University of Jendouba). 

Since my recruitment at the ISBB in 2007, as assistant, assistant professor in 2010, lecturer in 2015 and professor in 2020, I have held the following administrative positions : Coordinator of practical work (2011-2014); Coordinator of three Masters (2013-2018); Member of the Scientific Council (2011-2017); Director of the Department of Animal Biotechnology (2014-2017) and currently elected Director of ISBB (2017-2020). I am also a member of the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS Young Affiliates, 2018-2023) and a founding member and treasurer of the Tunisian Association of Biotechnology and Valorization of Bio-Resources (AT-BVBR- Visa: 2013T06752APSF1). Similarly, I am coordinator and member of several national and international projects (Tempus, Erasmus+, PHC-Utique, PAQ-DGSU, PAQ-DGSE and PAQ-4C).  

My research activities focus on the study of the chemical composition of certain medicinal plant extracts and essential oils, their antioxidant capacities and their protective properties against oxidative stress, metabolic and digestive system disorders such as ulcers, colitis and esophagitis, which are mainly caused by xenobiotics of a chemical nature (heavy metals, loperamide, castor oil, sulfuric acid, dextran, alloxane, sodium nitroprusside, HFD, LPS, etc.). ……). As a result, I am the author and co-author of more than 80 scientific publications including articles, conferences and book chapters. I have also provided and am currently providing scientific supervision for eight PhD theses and ten research masters.