Cesaltina Abreu


Cesaltina Abreu holds a degree in Agronomy, with a specialization in Bothanics and Plant Protection, at IAC (International Agricultural Centre), Wageningen, The Netherlands. She has a master degree and a PhD in Sociolog, having Political Sociology, State-Society relations, Citizenhip, Public Space and Governance as main areas of interest. Her post-doctoral research was conducted in the intersection between Political Sociology and Sustainable Development, at Newcastle University, UK. She presented a communication on “How do Social Sciences contribute for CESSAF (Centre of Excellence in Sciences for Sustainability in Africa) research and PhD programmes?”, and was responsible for the proposals of 1) the Social Component of the CESSAF’s methodological approach and theoretical framework of Environmental Studies, and 2) the “Curriculum Planning for CESSAF PhD programmes”, as part of the whole Key Elements for a Successful CESSAF PhD Programme 

Current functions:

  • Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Agostinho Neto University (Head of the Department of Sociology from late 2010 till November 2020).
  • Co-Coordinator of the Social Sciences and Humanities Laboratory of the Catholic University of Angola (since March 2017).
  • Coordinator of the Public Debt and Ecology / Environment sub-group, and member of the Public Debt and Human Rights sub-groups, and Public Debt and Budget Justice of the Angolan Platform on Public Debt and Citizenship

Areas o scientific interest

  • Citizenship, Civil Society, Public Space; Human Rights; Humanities; Social Memory; Participation and Governance; Poverty and Social Inequality; Social Protection; Modernitiy and Globalization; Food Sovereignity; Environment and ‘Development’, Life Styles and Sustainability

Affilliation in National, International Networks and Associations

  • Observatory of the Right to Food, CPLP, representing UAN, since September 2011
  • FREEDOM UNITED – one voice against slavery (ex-WALK FREE). Member, activist
  • Avaaz, the world in action – network for global social mobilization – member
  • Waterlat-gobacit: network of teaching, research and inter- and transdisciplinary intervention on water policy and management. Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Editorial Commission of the ‘Cadernos de Trabalho’ 
  • AILPsch – International Association of Social and Human Sciences in Portuguese – Scientific Policy Council for Angola, mandate 2019-2022. In the previous term, Vice President for Angola.
  • Kissama Foundation, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
  • Clube Ferroviário de Angola, associated member