Abdellali Hajjat


Abdellali Hajjat has been a lecturer in sociology at the Université libre de Bruxelles since 2019. He was previously a lecturer in political science at the University Paris Nanterre (2010-2019) and EURIAS Junior Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (University of Edinburgh). He has recently published Islamophobia. Comment les élites françaises fabriquent le ” problème musulman ” (La Découverte, 2013), La Marche pour l’égalité et contre le racisme (Amsterdam Editions, 2013) and Les frontières de l’identité nationale: l’injonction à l’assimilation en France métropolitaine et coloniale (La Découverte, 2012). His research focuses on citizenship and race in French law, urban rebellions and mobilizations of postcolonial immigration in working-class neighborhoods, especially after May 68, Islamophobia as a “total social fact”, the construction of the “Muslim problem” and neo-laicism, racist offences and the justice system, racial inequalities in the academic world, and postcolonial controversies in Belgium. He co-edits, with the historian Jocelyne Dakhlia, the collection “Counterparties” published by Amsterdam Editions, and is part of the editorial team of the Dictionary of Biography of Immigrant Movements.